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Multi-Remote Registry Change is the easiest way to perform many difficult management tasks on multiple remote computers running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7. It was designed for network administrators working with groups of systems requiring the same change(s) on many computers.

What can you do with Multi-Remote Registry Change? (click the links below for screenshots).

Manage the Registry: 
Add Single or Multiple Keys and/or Values.
Delete Single or Multiple Keys and/or Values.
Add to the beginning or end of a value.
Remove parts of a value.
Copy a Key from one computer to another.
Copy a Key from one location on a computer to another on the same computer.
Search and Replace within Key Names, Values Names and the Value.
Check for the Existence of a Key or Value.
Create REGEDIT4 files.
Apply REGEDIT4 files to remote computers.
Add or Delete items in REG_MULTI_SZ values.
Change Registry Security
User Rights: Grant or Revoke individual User Rights such as "Log On Locally"
or "Change the System Time"
Shutdown:  Shutdown and/or Reboot remote systems.
Send Message:  Send a pop-up message to remote systems.
Change User Name
Change Password
Grant "Logon as Service"
Grant "Log on Locally"

Multi-Remote Registry Change includes a number of features that are designed to make these management tasks much easier.

First, it is FAST:  How fast?  We've changed over 24,500 keys/values in 18 seconds.  Every operation in Multi-Remote Registry Change is designed from the ground up to operate on multiple computers simultaneously.  With the default settings, it is just as fast to do most operations on 50 computers as it is on one.   On a fast computer, with a fast network it is possible to do hundreds simultaneously!  The thread manager routines for each operation ensure that the maximum number of worker threads are always active until the operation is completed.    

Substitutions:  Imagine this, you need to include the name of the current user of the remote computer in the key or value.  How would you do it?  It's simple with Multi-Remote Registry Change.  But it doesn't stop there, you can include the contents of any registry key on a remote computer as input to any operation performed on that computer.  For items that are not contained in the registry, we've included a number of additional substitution items such as IP Address, User SID, Machine SID -- ten in all.  Extremely powerful!

Query using Substitutions:  Need to report on registry keys on remote computers?  Just create substitutions items for each value and then arrange them in the format you need for your report, CSV, Tab Delimited, whatever.

Quick Entries:  Some operations are too good to just use once.  For those that deserve repeated use, Multi-Remote Registry Change includes a simple way to save the input you make for an operation and use it again later.

Registry Browser:  Double click on a computer name in the list and you get a registry browser (think REGEDIT) where you can view the keys and values on a remote computer.  You can also drag/drop key and values from here into nearly any operation in the program.

String Converter:  Hex, binary and ASCII strings are converted in real time as you type or paste in text.

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