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Multi-Remote Registry Change v3.0 was reviewed in the October 1999 issue of PC Magazine UK -- Read the entire review here.

Multi-Remote Registry Change was reviewed in the August 1999 edition of PC Magazine -- Read the entire review here.

"The tool is a giant leap beyond RegEdit32, the utility Microsoft includes with NT for remotely altering the registry. RegEdit32 allows the same sort of remote controls as the Eytcheson tool, but network administrators can work on only one desktop at a time."
John Fontana, "Administrators in control with NT registry tool", Network World, May 10th, 1999.

Read the entire article here.

"To change the startup mode and the permission in the registry, I recommend that you use Multi-Remote Registry Change instead of the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit's reg.exe or Rservice. Unlike reg.exe, Multi-Remote Registry Change lets you access and manipulate most Registry keys, including remote hives. This multithreaded utility also lets you define machine groups. Using Multi-Remote Registry Change is also easier than using Rservice because the Multi-Remote Registry Change's log file is easy to understand and its GUI is easy to use, as Screen 2 shows."
Amnon Fiener, "An Inexpensive Way to Automate Your NT Maintenance Tasks", Windows NT Magazine's Win32 Scripting Journal, May 1999.

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