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Introducing the Multi-Remote Registry Change Temporary Licensing Option!

For the low price of $99 per day or $299 per week, you can use Multi-Remote Registry Change to manage the registries of ALL of your computers.  Our one day license allows you to use Multi-Remote Registry Change to manage up to 99,999 computers from the time we send the key until midnight the following day. The weekly license gets you one full normal work week of use.

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Actual e-mail messages in italics:


I was very interested in your Multi-Remote Registry Change product for an
upcoming project that I am working on, however I need clarification on the

I will be the only admin using the console, however I am making 1 registry
change on about 2000 workstations.  Although I can foresee using the product
again in the future, I cannot justify the cost of $2 per node for this one
project.  Am I reading the license agreement correctly stating that I will
need 1 Administrators license and 2000 computer name license (with the
advertised 40% discount)?

Thank you for your time!

(name and contact information removed)

It certainly wasn't the first time we had heard from customers that they really wanted to use Multi-Remote Registry Change for a project, but could not justify the cost of a full license for that one project.   Since support for temporary licensing was already built in to v3.5, we offered them the option of a single day license for $99 or a week for $299. 


Thanks for the quick response!

Well, I tend to be a little stingy, however we are dealing with my companies
money and not mine :-) 

I am sure the thought of paying $99 for a license and 1 or 2 hours of my
time would be greatly preferred over using regedt32 and paying for 10-15 (or
more) hours of my time alone.

How long do you think it will be before this option can be ready to roll?
Unfortunately this project is on a time line that is not very flexible.

It was already built in, so we let them know and waited until that part of the project was on the agenda.  When they were ready, they filled out the order form and we sent them the temporary registration key.  After they used the program under the single day license option, we asked a couple of questions about how it went and for their thoughts on using it again:


Thank you for the follow up.  MRRC did exactly what I needed to do, and the
time/cost savings was well worth the cost of the product.  I can tell you
now that I will be in contact with you for future Reg. projects and will
gladly recommend your product to anyone with this type of issue in the


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