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What users are saying about Multi-Remote Registry Change:

"I've just experimented with your program and I must say I am impressed! Your product will do things that Tivoli and Computer Associates have not been able to master. Most impressive is the wildcard feature. Kudos! "
J.M. Indianapolis, IN

"Many thanks for the license info. Your product has already paid for itself, in our Y2K date application. I am still finding new uses for it."
L.H. New York, NY

"I meant to send you a note about the wonderful thing I did with MMRC that literally saved a week worth a work. We had a machine that repeatedly crashed with literally over 50 shares. We wanted to move the shares to a new machine while we worked on the old machine. I used MMRC to do this. Took 1 minute to find the hive/key and 2 minutes for MMRC to its things. We successfully moved the shares with little disruption to the network."
G.G., Washington D.C.

"Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted to say you have an amazing utility and I've found it to be a necessary tool in my everyday administration. Thanks for creating it."
B.L. Wall Street, N.Y, NY.

"It's a COOL stuff ! I will suggest it to my customers."
T.M.C., Singapore

"I edit the registry remotely with regedit all the time, but it is time consuming and bothersome! Hence, your utility. As far as I can tell you are about the only person with such a utility for Windows 95/98."
D.C. Lincoln, NE

"...I have also mentioned your product to the SMS teams at Software Spectrum as a great addition to SMS. I would think they would want to offer it to their customers for SMS as a value added solution and as part of a tool kit that would be like a Plus! pack to SMS."
D.F., Tulsa, OK

"Duh! When all else fails, read the instruction! We found out how to change the REG_BINARY values. Many thanks for your well-designed product."
S.G., Tel Aviv, Isreal

"Thanx for the tip!  I just want to let you know that this App is f*****g
great!  I use this for everything registry related.  I have convinced the
company I am doing work for now to purchase a copy of this from you cause it
is so useful.  You have done a great job with this piece of software and
it's something no administrator should be without."
M.E., Cincinnati, OH

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